Warmcore alufold with low threshold.

Overview of Warmcore Bifolding Door Prices

If you are thinking about improving your home with a new bifolding door, our Alufold Warmcore bifolding door is one of the most advanced bifolding doors on the market.  Take a look at why Aluhaus Warmcore bifolding doors are better and different from other premium folding doors on the market and even other Warmcore bifolds!

At Aluhaus we are the sole manufacturer of our Alufold bifolding door.  Therefore you will instantly benefit from dealing directly with the manufacturer and getting an improved Warmcore folding door at a better price.  We know budgets are important in any home improvement product.  We give you some tips and advice to the many different factors that can affect the price you pay for your new Warmcore bifolding doors as well as some tips to keep costs down as well.  Even though our doors are totally bespoke and very affordable, we can still save you money.

how much do warmcore bifolding doors cost?


Warmcore door sizes.

If you are building a new extension and creating a bifolding door opening, the price of your doors will depend on their size.  The bigger the doors the more aluminium, the greater the glass area and a likely increase in the price. If you are at the planning stage, contact us and we can give you prices on three, four, five or six panel doors.  This can help you know what you can expect to pay.

Warmcore bifolding door configuration.

Just like the size affects the price of a Warmcore bifold, so does the configuration.  The fewer panels you have in your door the cheaper it is likely to be.  What you may not know is that our bifold is designed to give you door panel sizes of up to 1250mm.  With an Alufold Warmcore bifold, you can save money by using a system that allows bigger and wider doors.  Other brands will force you to have that extra, and more costly door panel.

Bifolding door colours.

One of the great things about Warmcore is not only the big range of standard colours but also different coloured doors inside and out.  If you are looking for a unique or non-standard colour we can do this for you, but this is likely to incur extra cost.  Take a look at our range of standard colours as we have covered the most popular and desirable shades. There are seven standard colours and over forty different colour combinations as well.

Door hardware.

Alufold Warmcore bifolding doors come with a choice of standard high quality hardware or a premium handle upgrade.  Contact us and we can explain the many handle and security options available with our doors and how they may change the price of your new doors. We can help you choose the most affordable and attractive handle and accessory colours and styles for your new doors.

Your choice of bifolding door glass.

As standard our Alufold doors come with high specification glazing helping give our doors some of the lowest U-Values of any door on the market, without needing triple glazing.  However,  we know that such big doors also have shading and privacy considerations.  There are also glass upgrades to enhance the already great security of our doors.  Our doors come with the option of laminated safety glass, acoustic glass, integral glass blinds or triple glazing. All these will cost you more but will enhance our stunning doors even more.

Contact us today for Warmcore bifolding door prices.

To find out how much do Warmcore bifolding doors cost, contact us today for a fast quoation.  You will also benefit from a personal service dealing directly with the manufacturer.  Contact us today and talk to our expert team.