Why Alufold is a better Bifolding Door than Origin

When it comes to premium bifolding doors there are many great brands to choose from. One of the best known brands in the UK is the Origin bifolding door. In this article we have taken all the features of the Origin door and compared them to our Alufold Warmcore bifolding door. There are many reasons why Alufold is a better bifolding door than Origin.


Alufold vs. Origin doors. Bespoke manufacturing.

Both Origin and our Alufold Warmcore doors share a unique feature amongst premium bifolding doors of being made in one factory from start to finish.  The big advantage of knowing exactly who makes your bifolding doors is peace of mind as well as consistent quality every time.

Our Nottingham factory has the very latest in cutting, machining and production machinery, as well as the very latest Fusion Graf Welder. Every Alufold door leaving our factory is crafted with the meticulous attention to detail you expect from a high quality, aluminium bifolding door.

Alufold and Origin doors are two products different from other well-known names such as Schuco, Reynaers, Smart Systems or AluK that are made in many different factories all over the UK.

Alufold vs Origin. Features and Specifications.

Both Origin and our Alufold Warmcore bifolding doors share many great features. We’ve created an at-a-glance guide to see how these products compare on their features and specifications.

Bifolding Door U Values (with standard glass units) 1.6Wm2K 1.4Wm2K
Bifolding Door sight lines 154mm 147mm
Colour matched gaskets Q-Lon 7 standard colours Q-Lon with RAL colour matching, unique to Alufold
Colour Matched hardware Yes Yes
Bifolding Door Magnets Standard Black Magnet Highly engineered stainless steel door catch with tension adjustment.
Bifold Door Construction Standard Mechanical joints and square frame. Fusion Welded door leaves and mitred outer frame.
Door profile choices None Choice of Pencil Round, Standard, Flat, Chamfered & Decorative
Low threshold option. One with no weathering. Low threshold with severe weather rating.
Door Locking 8-Point Lock. 8-Point Secured by Design with Premium 3* Security Cylinders as standard.
Maximum door panels 7 Subject to design, many door panels. 
Maximum door leaf width. 1200mm 1250mm
Anti-rack feature No Yes
Premium Hafi Handles Yes Yes

So as you can see, when comparing 13 key features of bifolding doors, our Alufold Warmcore door is better in 11 of them. The Alufold Warmcore bifolding door provides advantages in aesthetics, thermal performance, flexibility in how your new bifolding door looks as well as more advanced engineering and design.

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When we designed our exclusive Alufold bifolding door, we took all the best features of other great bifolds and made them better.  Paint quality, gaskets, running gear, hardware and manufacturing are all exclusive features of the Alufold bifolding door you will not find on other quality doors.  If you are currently considering an Origin bifolding door, you are making a wise choice.  But do your research carefully and we are confident you will find our Alufold door offers you all the great features of an Origin bifold, with even more benefits and enhancements.

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