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Why bifolding doors are better than sliding doors

If you are currently thinking about a new sliding patio door for your home, a bifolding door could provide more features and benefits. Sliding patio doors remain a good choice for your home, but let us take a look at why bifolding doors are better than sliding doors.


Why bifolding doors are better than sliding doors.

A bifolding door such as our Alufold Warmcore bifold has a great design, giving you from two up to 8 panels. Alufold door panels work independently or together. Our highly-engineered bifolding door panels slide and fold to fully open up space and connect your house to the outside.

Sliding patio doors also slide to open, but unlike our bifolds will always keep some of the structural unusable as the opening door needs somewhere to push to. On a two panel sliding door, this means you can lose up to 50% of the available opening.

This greater available opening when you want to open up your home is the main reason why bifolding doors are better than sliding doors. But there are many other reasons as well.

Bifolding doors can work out cheaper than sliding doors.

What may surprise you is that bifolding and sliding doors are very similar in price. It is only when sliding doors start to get quite large that they become more expensive than bifold doors. The main reason for this is that large glass units found in sliding doors cost more to make, more to handle and transport and will be more expensive on installation charges. Big sliding doors often need specialist glass handling and transportation as well extra people on site to move the glass. If you intend to fit a sliding door above the ground floor, such as a balcony the cost goes up again. Bifolding doors are more compact in their proportions and having smaller doors are much easier to transport, handle and carry, even to the first floor.

Bifolding doors offer better opening options than sliding doors.

When fully folded back, a bifolding door will give you more space than a sliding door. But they also offer more convenience. Our Alufold bifolding doors when designed with a traffic door, give you a better user experience. This is particularly the case when, in a smaller property, the folding or sliding door is the only door into your garden.

The reality is that most of the year your doors will be shut, but you still need to get out to the garden to take out the rubbish, hang out the washing or let out a pet. A sliding door means you have to slide the entire door back, just to get in and out of the house. A bifolding door with a ‘traffic door’, gives you a fully functioning swing door that you can use just like a regular door to get in and out. So if you intend to use your rear door a lot, a bifolding door will be more convenient all year round. Alufold bifolding doors also offer bigger door panels than most other bifolding doors on the market, at an impressive 1250mm wide. So you benefit from not only a traffic door but an impressively wide one as well, should you want it.

Alufold Bifolding doors compared to sliding doors.

There are other great reasons why our Alufold bifolding doors are better than sliding doors.

Considerations Alufold bifolding doors Typical sliding doors.
Opening configurations. Flexible up to 8 panels. Two to four panels typically.
Convenience. Traffic door available. No traffic door available.
Ease of use. Effortless to open or fold. Large sliding doors are heavy.
Low threshold option. Available. Not Available
Flush Floor Level Internally Yes Yes
Flush decking and slabs outside Yes No
Anti-finger trap safety feature Standard Not available.
Available space when open 3-panel door up to 90% 30% minimum 60% maximum
Colour Matched hardare Yes No
Colour Matched gaskets Yes No
Matching French Doors or Single Doors Yes No
Welded door construction Yes Not available.

If you are currently thinking about having new patio sliding doors in your home, any quality product will improve your home. However the design, engineering and specification of our Alufold bifolding doors, we believe offers you many great reaons why bifolding doors are better than sliding doors. Contact us today for further information, a demonstration of our doors and a free quotation.