What is better? Warmcore or Origin windows

When it comes to aluminium flush casement windows, two of the best known brands are Warmcore aluminium windows available from Aluhaus and Origin windows. One of the features that make Warmcore and Origin windows unique is their flush casement design. The flush casement window made of aluminium remains a relatively uncommon product. With so little to choose from in flush casement windows, what is better, Warmcore or Origin windows?


What is better, Warmcore or Origin Windows?

Before we take a look at what is the better all-round flush casement window for your home, it is worth looking at the design of flush casement windows. The flush casement design originates from old timber windows.  The traditional look with a modern double glazed window is the appeal of Warmcore and Origin because they offer all the benefits of aluminium windows, but with an aesthetic feature previously only available on PVCu windows.  The flush casement design works very well, both as a replacement for your old windows and also looks very modern too.

Comparing Warmcore and Origin Windows.

Warmcore and Origin Windows Compared. 
Aluhaus Warmcore Windows Origin Windows
Choice of Frame Profile Appearance Four different frame options. Only one frame option.
Choice of Glass Bead Style Choose from a choice of glazing beads. No choice available.
Triple Glazing Option. Yes Yes
Accredited Security Testing Yes Yes
U Values. 0.8 Wm2K with standard glass. 0.9Wm2K with extra-cost aerogel
Insulation upgrade Not required. Aerogel upgrade
Tilt and Turn window option Available Not available
Thermal Insulation Full width thermal core Narrow width polyamide.

One of the most significant advantages of our Aluframe Warmcore aluminium windows, such as our Aluframe model is the choice of four different frames and two options of glazing bead.  Choosing the look of your window means you get a window in your home designed to work with any style of property, as well as giving you a choice in how you want your window to look t suit your tastes. The Aluframe Warmcore aluminium window is more flexible all round, whereas Origin windows only come in one design.

For larger window openings or where you want even more window convenience, Warmcore windows come with a tilt and turn option as well.  Tilt and Turn window can be made virtually at door sizes.  Consider a tilt and turn window to lead onto a flat roof, or anywhere in the home where you might need a tilt back facility for enhanced window ventilation.  Another advantage of the Warmcore tilt and turn model is the whole window opens in for cleaning the outside.

For thermal performance, the entire Warmcore system has very impressive thermal performance amongst modern windows.  Where Origin windows need an upgrade to the standard thermal core to create a better performing window, our Aluframe Warmcore window comes with low U-Values as standard.

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