10 Reasons to Choose an Aluhaus Bi-folding Door

We believe that aluminium is the best material for Bifolding doors, and it will come as no surprise that we also believe that our Alufold bifolding door is the best on the market.

But unlike many other manufacturers we can clearly point to a number of reasons why our doors:

  • Look amazing
  • Last for years
  • Are reliable and easy to operate
  • Represent excellent value for money

On the image below we have highlighted the 10 features that differentiate our bifolding door design from any other system on the market (actually there’s 11, can you spot the extra one?).

When you’ve had a good look about by clicking on the various highlights please feel free to contact us for more information.

Discover The Advantages of Alufold from Aluhaus

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Alufold bifolding doors are the perfect blend of superior engineering, manufacturing excellence by one company and different specifications.

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at the 10 standout features that make Alufold Warmcore doors different to others on the market.

We challenge you to see whether you'll find the features of Alufold on other bifolding doors.

Discover The Advantages of Alufold from Aluhaus
Hafi Handles Safetrack Antirack Ultrasash Colour Matched Handles Colour Matched Hinges & Gaskets Softseal Mitred Outer Frame Fusion Graf Welding Low Threshold Options U-Values

Hafi Handles

Premium Hafi Handles as standard. Why pay more?

Stainless Steel Premium Door Handles. Your door handle is your connection with your door for ease of use, security and a great looking bifold. Alufold doors come with the choice of SupaSecure or Hafi premium door handles. Beautiful to look at, fantastic to use and giving you a better bifolding door experience.


We have designed Safetrack to give you a better bifolding door. Where some bifolds have their rollers sitting on top of the threshold, ours are encapsulated within it. You benefit from a safer and more reliable door, with no risk of jumping or derailing.

You can read more about safetrack here.


Antirack finally addresses one of the issues with big bifolding doors misaligning when folded and stacked in the open position. You benefit from bifolding doors that look as neat, perfectly aligned and attractive open as they do closed.



Only Alufold creates door panels up to 1250mm wide - bigger than other doors. A wider door means less folding panels, bigger pieces of glass, better views and less visible mullions.

You can read more about Ultrasash here

Colour Matched Handles

Alufold gives you colour matched hardware as standard, not as a costly extra. You benefit from premium pull handles and door latches in the same quality finish as your beautiful new bifolding doors.


Colour Matched Hinges & Gaskets

All folding doors need door hinges but they should blend in with your door not be a feature of it. Alufold doors come with colour matched hinges for an improved appearance and cleaner, flowing lines where your door panels shut together. They also look great when your doors are open.

Colour matched gaskets and seals. Alufold is the only door on the market with full colour matched gaskets and seals. No more coloured doors with black gaskets and unsightly black borders. Only Alufold doors provide colour matched aluminium and seals for an altogether better looking door.

Read more about our colour matched seals here.


Our advanced Softseal gaskets ensure your doors are weather resistant and prevent water ingress. You also benefit from their built-in anti-finger trap feature protecting your children’s hands should they accidentally get between the doors.

Mitred Outer Frame

Enjoy the aesthetic advantages of fine timber joinery with a mitred door sash and a mitred outer frame. You benefit from a better looking door with a softer, more uniform appearance at the corners where the doors meet the frame.

You can read more about the Mitred Outer Frame here

Fusion Graf Welding

Alufold is the only welded aluminium bifold. Enjoy the piece of mind of your new bifold having the strongest, most reliable construction with the aesthetic benefit of near seamless joints

You can read more about fusion graf welding here

Low Threshold Options


Four different thresholds. We’ve covered every possible scenario with our choice of four different thresholds. Best of all, even our low ramp thresholds come with a weather rating. Other bifolds on the market come with no guarantee of weather and water protection with a ramp threshold, Alufold gives you both

You can read all about the threshold options with Aluhaus doors here


The lowest U Values. Other bifold rely on triple glazing to save you money on your heating bills. Alufold saves you money with class-leading thermal performance and saves you money without paying extra for triple glazing.