Aluframe Warmcore aluminium windows are one of the most advanced thermally insulated windows you can buy today. The Aluframe Warmcore window is completely different from any other aluminium window on the market.

Aluframe Warmcore windows bring you all the benefits of slim, strong and durable aluminium with a stunning choice of colours and finishes. Our windows also feature many unique innovations you will not find on other aluminium windows.

Quality aluminium window

Features of Aluframe Warmcore Aluminium Windows.

Aluframe Warmcore aluminium windows have features and benefits you won’t find on other aluminium windows.

Our innovative, highly engineered and luxurious aluminium windows provide your home with a modern aluminium window that meets the requirements of virtually any type of home. Whether you are looking to replace your old windows and make your home more energy efficient and comfortable or if you are building or extending your home, Aluframe windows are ideal.

A highly energy efficient window.

Aluframe Warmcore windows feature the revolutionary thermal core that shifts away from the traditional polyamide thermal break of virtually every other aluminium window.

Our windows are more than 25% more thermally efficient giving your home the first true ‘warm’ aluminium window.

Other aluminium windows rely on complicated and expensive glass specifications to achieve great energy efficiency. Aluframe Warmcore windows do not.

An aluminium flush casement window.

Many houses lend themselves to period looking windows and the original timber window frequently feature a flush casement. Warmcore is unique in offering a flush casement within an aluminium system. There is no other aluminium window on the market designed like Warmcore with the flush casement detail found only in PVCu or timber windows. You can now have a stunning flush sash window in aluminium.

Best of all our beautiful flush casement aluminium window looks just as good in a modern property as it does in a cottage or traditional house.

A high performance tilt and turn window.

You can now benefit from the advantages of tilt and turn windows without having to buy PVCu or an inferior commercial grade aluminium window.

Enjoy bigger windows and an easy-clean facility with our Aluframe Tilt and Turn Windows.

Aluframe Warmcore Windows are available as a tilt and turn window with all the style security and thermal performance of it’s casement window sibling.

  • Tilt and turn windows enable cleaning of from the inside.
  • Tilt and turn allow bigger windows than casement types.
  • Tilt and turn windows offer flexibility and convenience.

A choice of window profiles to match your home and tastes.

Aluframe Warmcore windows give you a choice of frame designs creating you a highly contemporary aluminium window or a more rounded softer aesthetic.

Your window frame, opening elements and even the glazing beads securely holding your glass in place, come in a choice of styles. Very much a bespoke aluminium window.

Different Colours inside and out.

At Aluhaus we expertly make beautiful and highly-engineered windows to enhance any home.

When you want a different colour inside and out to your new windows, other aluminium windows make this a complicated, expensive and complex process. Some window companies don’t even like to offer dual colour windows because of the complexity.

A conventional aluminium window extrusion relies on it being painted before it is made. This process is time consuming and involves several third parties that paint, roll and assemble aluminium windows in a different colour.

Warmcore is different. For the first time you can enjoy a different colour to your windows with none of the cost, length delivery times and frustrations. The totally unique way an Aluframe Warmcore window is constructed gives you endless colour options giving you more design freedom than ever before with an aluminium window.

A unique and coherent aluminium system for your home.

There is no other aluminium window system on the market that provides you with one brand of windows, doors and bifolding doors like Warmcore. Your entire home can now have one superior window and door brand.

Other window and door companies mix and match their systems from several suppliers because few windows and doors on the market today provide the complete solution with one product. Warmcore gives you stunning windows and doors in your home from one sophisticated, quality and British made product.

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