An Alufold Warmcore bifolding door provides your home with a superior quality bifolding door, crafted and engineered like no other.

Bi-folding doors

In creating your ideal bifolding door, you will need to think about the opening configuration. The opening options on our sophisticated aluminium bifolding doors include how many leaves, which direction your doors slide and how your doors open and work.

Alufold Warmcore Doors are available in a huge choice of opening options and configurations.

Our Alufold Warmcore doors can fold to the outside or inside. They can then slide to the left or the right as well as a split to fold in both directions. Whatever option you desire, our Alufold Warmcore doors will create a stunning looking door when closed and a barrier-free access to your outside space when opened. Alufold doors give you flexible opening options that offer more advantages than a sliding or French set of doors.

How many door panels you have is determined by the size of the door opening, your budget and other requirements. We explain how the various panel numbers work and what opening options you can expect with each one.

Choosing the best opening options for bifolding doors.

The way you configure your new door will differ depending on your property type, size and layout. The bigger the door opening, the more doors you can have. The more leaves you have, the greater the opening choices available to you.

What is a bifolding door traffic door?

A traffic door, or access leaf, is quite important in a folding door and something you will need to give consideration to.

If your new bifold is the only door out to your garden, an access leaf is one panel in your doors that swings open and closes just like a regular door. The advantage of a traffic door is that you do not need to slide all the panels back if you want to go out into your garden, to take the rubbish out or let out a pet.

Depending on the design of your doors, your access leaf can sit as an independent leaf on the one side (hinged on the wall side), or it can form part of the folding door stack (hinged on the door side).

Two Panel Bifolding doors.

For a small structural opening or if you are replacing an old two panel sliding door, this smaller bifolding door is perfect. With this design the two panels can only fold to the left or to the right.

A two panel bifolding door will give you a full opening where previously one sliding leaf on a patio sat behind the fixed panel.

Two panel bifolding doors are also ideal for replacing French doors.

Three panel bifolding doors.

Bifolding doors with three panels are perhaps our most popular configuration for a bifolding door for its versatility and price point.

Most properties work very well with a three panel folding door.

The benefit of this design is is that you have three possible opening options.

  • All doors sliding to the left
  • All doors sliding to the right
  • Two doors sliding to one side with an access or traffic door.

Four Panel Bifolding Doors

For the bigger opening, a four panel bifolding door provides more choice. Four opening options are possible.

  • All panels sliding and folding to the left.
  • All panels sliding and folding to the right.
  • Two panels sliding to each side with a French door traffic door in the middle.
  • One door as a traffic door, three doors folding back.

Five Panel Bifolding Doors.

A bigger opening can accommodate a bifolding door with five panels. This design starts to create the folding glass wall and comes in three opening options.

  • All doors sliding to the left
  • All doors sliding to the right
  • An access leaf on the side
  • The doors split as a 3-2 arrangement.

Six Panel Bifolding Doors.

Six panel doors feature the same opening arrangement of the four panel but with an extra two leaves. Four options for opening are possible.

  • All doors sliding to the left.
  • All doors sliding to the right.
  • A combination of three on the one side and three on the other.
  • A traffic door on the one side or elsewhere within the split door arrangement.

Seven Panel Bifolding Doors. 

For the ultimate glass wall in a large structural opening, seven panel bifolding doors enable vast clear openings and terrific views outside when the doors are closed.

Seven panel doors can be split in any number of ways and can include an access leaf and French door openings as well. Of course, all the panels can slide on one side or split to fold on two sides.

We recommend with any large door that you consider how the doors will look if they all stack to one side of the structural opening. With seven panels there may be quite a lot of ‘bulk’ as all the doors sit stacked together on the one side. This is a feature of any bifolding door, so you will need to think about how much space your doors take up inside or outside your house when all opened.

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