The Alufold bifolding door is an innovative product with features you will not find on other bifolding doors. Our Alufold door also shares common terminology with regular doors. Our bifolding door glossary of terms explains what you can expect to see on bifolding doors and our innovative Aluhaus product.

Warmcore aluminium bifolds

Bifolding Door Glossary of Terms

Bifolding door configuration.

The way you design your bifolding door with the number of door leaves, the sliding direction and if the doors fold in our out is called the bifolding door configuration. Alufold doors are available from two up to seven leaves. Doors can fold in our out, slide to the left or the right or a combination split opening.

Bifolding door cill and threshold.

The bifolding door cill is one of the most important parts of your new bifolding door, enabling barrier free access in and out. The door cill is also important if you want your internal and external floor levels to be as flush as possible.

The other important function of the cill is that the weight bearing rollers at the bottom of the doors slide smoothly.  An Alufold bifolding door offers you a choice of cill and threshold options including a ramp threshold with a weather rating that few other bifolds can provide.

Bifolding door meeting stiles.

Bifolding door meeting stiles are the meeting points of your doors in the closed position. When the bifolding door is closed, the meeting stiles create an attractive sight line that also includes our finger safe gaskets and weather protection.

Bifolding door outer frame.

The bifolding door outer frame is fixed to your structural opening. The outer frame has the threshold at the bottom and the door panels attached to it. A quality door outer frame also has the seals and gaskets to keep your door weather resistant. On the one side of your door, the frame has the lock keeps where the multi point locks engage into.  The Alufold mitre frame is different from other doors on the market featuring beautiful mitres, where other doors use plain square cuts.

On the one side of your door, the frame has the lock keeps where the multi point locks engage into.  The Alufold mitre frame is different from other doors on the market featuring beautiful mitres, where other doors use plain square cuts.

Bifolding door jambs.

Bifolding door jambs refer to the vertical sections at each end of your door set. The jambs must always be fixed correctly, so your doors are level, plumb and square to ensure reliable operation.

Bifolding door seals.

Bifolding door seals ensure your door remains weather resistant. A quality door must also ensure the bifolding door seals are built to last and protect the user should their fingers get accidentally trapped in the door.

An Alufold door uses the latest Q-Lon seals that are durable, more attractive than black rubber and can be colour matched to the aluminium. They also offer finger protection as standard.

Polyester powder coating.

Polyester powder coating is the paint finish applied to bifolding doors. Polyester powder coating is a dry paint process. An electrical charge is applied to the aluminium sections and the coloured powder bonds to the aluminium. The aluminium sections are then placed in a special oven to cure the powder and create the final colour. A bifolding door is available in over 150 different colours.

Thermal break.

A modern aluminium bifolding door has a thermal break made from polyamide that insulates the aluminium sections and helps with the overall energy efficiency of the door, in combination with the glass.

Alufold bifolding door uses a different technology for superior insulation compared to polyamide. Our full-width thermal core gives better profile insulation throughout the door set. This is why the thermal break found on Alufold doors enables them to have one of the lowest U Values of any double glazed bifolding door, where other products rely on triple glazing.

Bifolding door leaves.

Also referred to as bifolding door panels, these are the individual doors that hinge together to make up the configuration of your new bifolding door.  Alufold bifolding door leaves can go up to 1250mm wide, surpassing the width limitations of many other products. Our bifolding door leaves also feature a welded construction and the unique anti-rack feature that ensures perfect door alignment every time.

Bifolding door access leaf.

The access leaf works just like an independent door enabling you to go in and out of your new doors without having to fold them back. Also known as a traffic door, we recommend this feature for doors in smaller properties or where the bifold is the only rear door in the home.

Bifolding door hardware.

The bifolding door hardware consists of the main handles, lever handles, D handles, hinges and all the other components that enable your doors to slide, swing and fold.

Alufold doors feature the finest quality stainless steel furniture from one of the top brands in handles and accessories for bifolding doors. Our door catches are the best you can buy, and our locking systems offer total peace of mind with latest generation ERA cylinders.

If you are currently researching bifolding doors, we hope our bifolding door glossary of terms explains more about what makes a quality folding door and why the Aluhaus bifolding door is one of the best you can buy.  Contact us today and find out more about the unique features of an Aluhaus bifolding door.