As you do your research around bifolding doors, one of the things you will read about is bifolding door  U-Values and Energy efficiency. Just like windows and entrance doors, a bifolding door should keep your home warm in the winter and save money on your energy bills.

Warmcore bifold doors

Bifolding Door U-Values. What do they mean?

Alufold Warmcore doors have some of the best energy ratings in the UK.

There are two ways of measuring the thermal efficiency of a bifolding door. One measure is the U-Value; the other is the door energy rating. For replacement windows, the energy rating is the more conventional method. Windows are available with ratings from A to G. Current Building Regulations require a window to have a minimum C rating.

For bifolding doors, a U-Value is the commonly used method. Most manufacturers will publicise the performance figures of their bifolding doors, but it is crucial to read between the lines as to what these energy ratings actually mean.

In simple terms, the lower the bifolding door U-value, the better and more energy efficient the glass and aluminium are, retaining the heat in your house. The lower/better the U-Value of your home the lower the energy consumption.

What is an energy efficient bifolding door?

One of the things to watch out for with the publicised figures of many other bifolding door U-Values is the glass specification. Many other bifolding door suppliers will quote very low U-Values that appear impressive. What you will find is that many of these use a door with triple glazing and other expensive glass options.

The reality is that bifolding doors are still sold with good specification double glazing, not triple. Most homeowners are happy to have two panes of glass in their windows and doors. What you may end up with is a bifolding door that doesn’t actually meet the reported (triple glazed)s U-Value stated. Some bifolding door providers, aware that their double glazed doors have high U-Values, publicise their triple glazed figures instead.

Alufold Warmcore doors. Energy efficient doors with double glazing.

Our Alufold Warmcore bifolding door was designed from the outset to be thermally efficient, having low U-Values with double glazing as standard. The minimum U-Value for doors under current Building Regulations is 1.6Wm2K. Alufold Doors are lower than this.

Compare Alufold doors to other popular bifolding doors on the market, and you will find many of these offer higher U-Values with standard 28mm double glazing.

Therefore, an Alufold bifolding door is one of the few bifolding doors on the market that is energy efficient with standard glass and not a costly upgrade.

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The Alufold Warmcore Bifolding door transforms your home with a superbly executed and engineered aluminium door. The innovative thermal core at the heart of our door helps lower your heating bills and gives you one of the best bifolding door U-Values you can buy.

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