As you do your research around your new folding doors, one of the things you may be considering is the bifolding door sizes. The size of your new doors is not just the right number of doors to fill the aperture, but also how big each bifolding door panel can be.  The bigger the bifolding door panel, the larger the glass area.

Finger safe bifolding door gaskets on an aluminium bifold.

Alufold bifolding doors provide bigger bifolding door sizes.

Another great feature of the Alufold bifolding door is the bigger bifolding door sizes.  Our doors can be made up to 1250mm wide. These impressive sizes possible with Alufold surpass the maximum sizes available with most other bifolding doors on the market.

Many bifolding doors are possible only at maximum dimensions of 1000mm or 1100mm. Other doors can go up to 1200mm assuming the height of the doors remains standard. Alufold bifolding doors give you large doors with other advantages as well.

A bigger bifolding door can be cheaper.

The ability of our doors to go wider than others means you do not need the extra door panel. So if you have an aperture at say, 3500mm wide, with some other bifolding door brands, you may need four panels. With Alufold you can have three. Fewer doors mean a cheaper bifolding door, bigger door panels and greater glass area.

Bigger doors mean better views.

The reality of the British weather means that most of the year your bifolding doors will be closed. An Alufold door enables you to enjoy the views outside all year round. Larger doors mean less visible aluminium when the doors are closed.

Bigger doors mean more convenience.

If you configure your bifolding doors with a traffic door, the larger bifolding door sizes available with Alufold means more convenience. Wider doors mean a larger doorway.  This is better for getting large items or shopping through your traffic door. A bigger doorway is also more accessible for pushchairs or wheelchairs as well.

At Aluhaus, we engineer our Alufold Warmcore bifolding door like no other on the market. Contact us today for further information and prices.