Are Sliding Doors, Bifold Doors or French Doors best for your home? Choosing between these three types of doors need not be complicated as all three offer benefits in your home.  With so many of these doors intended for the back of the home, functionality, security and summer use are things to consider.

Schuco Sliding Patio Doors

Helping you choose between sliding doors, bifold doors or French doors.

The good news is, choosing between sliding doors, bifold doors or French doors need not be complicated.  First of all, all these different doors offer four great features.

  • Thermally insulated aluminium profiles for good energy efficiency.
  • Toughened safety glass as standard.
  • Certified to current security, weather and manufacturing standards.
  • An extensive choice of colour.

Therefore choosing sliding doors, bifold doors or French doors gives you peace of mind security, a highly reliable product. All three door types come with quality glass units, sophisticated seals, multi-point locking and a choice of door handle colours and styles.

Where to fit bifolding doors, sliding doors and French doors.

All three types of doors are ideal to replace your old doors or in a new extension.  The is also the option to take out a window, knock out the brickwork and fit a door instead for added convenience.

French doors work well in smaller openings or to enlarge an existing window.  These doors open in or out, come with a low threshold option and many colours.  Add a fixed or opening window above the doors for more ventilation and added light.  Furthermore, French doors work well on a balcony, leading out to a roof terrace.  We also recommend French doors in more modern homes, coming as standard from the developer with small sliding doors.

Opening options for bifolding doors, sliding doors and French Doors.

Sliding doors take up far less space than bifolding doors and French doors.  This is because sliding doors work on a track instead of opening in or out.  Therefore, sliding doors offer a good solution where space is limited.  Balconies, terraces, small patio areas and even a new porch are all suitable for a new sliding patio door.

Just like French doors, bifolding doors hinge in or out and therefore take up space.  This is not a massive consideration for medium to large gardens but important for bifold doors leading out to small patio areas.  However, bifolding doors work very well in terraced houses and suburban homes and remain one of the best door solutions.

Therefore think about how much space open doors take up when frequently used such as the summer months.

Pros and Cons when choosing sliding doors, bifold doors or French doors.

We summarise the pros and cons of these three different door types to help you decide.

Advantages of French Doors.

French Door Disadvantages are few.  Unlike sliding doors and bifold doors, there is nothing as standard to stop the doors blowing in the wind.  However, there are after-market options for restricting the doors when needed.  Some French doors look thicker at the central mullion than sliding and folding doors. While popular for small openings, French doors are not as on-trend as bifolding and sliding doors.

Advantages of Sliding Doors.

  • Sliding patio doors require the least amount of space when open.
  • The best choice when looking for very thin aluminium profiles.
  • Even big sliding doors remain easy to slide.
  • Fewer visible mullions mean more glass area and better views.

Whether sliding doors offer restrictions is down to many different factors.  However, when compared to bifolding and French doors, sliding doors are not as quick to open. Some bigger sliding doors require special handling and equipment making them more expensive to fit.  Finally, sliding doors do not open up the entire door opening like a bifolding door.

Advantages of Bifolding Doors.

  • Available from two up to eight panels, therefore suitable for large or small door openings.
  • Optional low thresholds make them ideal for internal partitions as well as exterior doors.
  • Ideal when the home only has one back door, such as terraced houses.
  • Remains highly desirable adding value to a property.

Possible disadvantages to bifolding doors are more visible mullions the more door panels you have. As well as this, an even number of doors such as two, four or six panels often means no traffic door is possible.  Bifolds are usually a little more expensive than sliding doors as well.

The best thing about our premium and highly-engineered Alufold Bifolding Doors  is they also come as French Doors.  As a result both bifolding and French doors share the same door profiles. A big benefit when you want consistent sight lines across your different doors.

The best way to decide is to view some doors and talk to us about your requirements.  We can help you choose sliding doors, bifold doors or French doors to work best within your budget and your home improvement project.  Contact us today for a free quotation and if you have any questions.