Study even the most prestigious aluminium bifolding doors and few will offer you colour matched seals and gaskets. Talk to professional door installers, and many will tell you that they do not favour white or colour matched gaskets.

Contemporary bi-folding doors

Traditionally, the industry has stayed away from these because of colour and quality inconsistency, difficulty in sourcing and the perceived problems with a gasket that is anything but black.

Alufold Warmcore bifolds bring colour matched seals with sophistication and quality.

Even on this special blue colour door we can provide an exact colour match to the sophisticated Q-Lon Seal.

There are very few bifolding door providers offering colour matched gaskets. However, those that do restrict these to stock colours that frequently provide a near match, not an exact match. With some other bifolding doors, the visual differences are easy to spot with colour inconsistency in what is supposed to be a colour matched door and seal.

At Aluhaus we have created a unique Q-Lon seal that is exclusive to our Alufold Warmcore bifolding door. The result is a colour matched Q-Lon seal. Unlike other systems, we offer a full RAL colour matching not a standard range of colours.

What is a Q-Lon seal and gasket?

Our advanced Alufold Warmcore doors are available in the full RAL colour range.

We think Q-Lon is superior to traditional EPDM (rubber) gaskets as Q-Lon looks better and provides better performance. The advanced and exclusive Q-Lon seals we provide to our Alufold Warmcore doors provide:

  • A polyurethane foam core that is durable and recovers better from compression.
  • Weather and UV Resistant.
  • Resistant to shrinkage and stretching
  • Resists dirt and contaminants.
  • Can be cleaned easily.

Q-Lon is an excellent material for sealing windows and doors with great energy saving characteristics as well. In an Alufold Warmcore bifold, our unique colour-matched seals are even better.

Alufold Warmcore bifolding doors. A Seamless finish and matching colours.

We believe the colour match facility of an Alufold Warmcore bifold is superior to any other folding door. Choose an Alufold door and benefit from a seamless finish, personalisation of your new bifolding door and an altogether better looking bifolding door.

Another great reason why an Alufold Warmcore door is a superior folding door for the home. Contact us to find out more.