At Aluhaus we have taken bifolding door fabrication to the next level with something no other aluminium bifolding door manufacturer can provide: Fusion GRAF Welding.

An Alufold Warmcore bifolding door is unique. At Aluhaus we have re-engineered the sophisticated Warmcore aluminium bifold to create Alufold – an even better Warmcore bifold.

Aludoor entrance door

What is Fusion GRAF Welding?

Only Alufold Warmcore bifolding doors feature Fusion GRAF welding for the strongest, near seamless corner joints.

Fusion welding is one of the latest technologies for fabricating windows and doors, but Aluhaus are the only company to apply this process to a bifolding door.

The Fusion Welding process welds the corner joints of our quality Alufold Warmcore door to precise tolerances. This makes the joint better, cleaner and visually seamless. At the same time, it creates an incredibly strong corner joint.

The sophisticated machinery we use in our Nottingham factory is some of the finest in the world for manufacturing windows and doors. In creating a luxurious and premium quality Alufold Warmcore bifold, our GRAF machinery brings accuracy and quality of manufacturing to a whole new level.

Alufold Warmcore Doors, expertly made by Aluhaus.

The high-tech Aluhaus factory has some of the most advanced machinery in the world to create superior bifolding doors.

Aluhaus are unique in making this substantial investment in the latest machinery to create a bifolding door with corner joints and a quality of assembly like no other bifold.

The Alufold Warmcore door provides an entirely new way of crafting building a quality bifolding door featuring a seamless corner weld.

When comparing a conventional manual corner joint with a Fusion GRAF Welded method, the differences are obvious. The sheer quality of the joint is evident as is the ultra smooth finish. This new method of creating a bifolding door also does away with inconsistent sight lines (known in the door and window business as ‘Grinning Edges’).

Best of all, this advanced manufacturing method creates a virtually seamless joint, a beautiful looking corner detail and a sharper looking door. Aesthetically it is far superior to the mechanical method used by even the finest German systems, and it does away with cleats, corner brackets, glue and sealants used on other systems.

Alufold Warmcore bifolding doors. The most exceptional bifolding doors on the market.

Our Fusion GRAF Welding process is one of many innovations unique to the Alufold Warmcore bifolding door. If you would like further information on what makes Alufold products different, contact us today.