Knowing how to clean and maintain your bifolding doors ensures you get the very best out of them now and in the future.

All it takes is a few simple routine tasks to look after your new bifolding doors. Many of these you can also carry out as part of your routine house cleaning too.

Origin bi-fold frames

Tips and Advice to clean and maintain your bifolding doors.

To help you protect your new investment we provide some useful tips and advice on looking after your bifolding doors. Some of these form part of regular cleaning and inspection.  Others only need checking periodically.

Looking after the powder coated finish.

Your doors come with a durable powder coated finish, in your chosen colour.  Your aluminium frames come in either satin, matt or gloss finish.  As a result, some shades show dirt and marks more than others.  For instance, matt shows a lot less, with gloss sometimes making dirt more obvious.

Therefore, it is important to ensure you don’t mark the powder-coated finish of your new doors, especially if you have young children with toys.  The same applies when opening your doors as many people use the edges of the panels to fold them open.  If you wear rings or bracelets, take care to ensure these do not mark the powder coated finish.

Finally, if your doors have white or black painted door handles, jewellery over a long period of time may start to chip away at the paint.  So, again take care when using any painted surfaces.

Cleaning the frames and the glass.

A regular non-abrasive glass cleaner or your chosen glass cleaner is sufficient for cleaning your glass as you would in other doors and windows around the house.

For the powder coated frames, do not use washing up liquid. All you need is a mild soapy solution in warm water.  Use a sponge or a cloth, avoiding any scourers, no matter how soft. For any stubborn dirt on the outside of the frames such as bird droppings, soak the dirt with a sponge and warm water.  This is usually all you need to do to remove stubborn dirt.

Routine cleaning ensures your powder coated frames remain in tip-top condition, continuing to look great as a result.

This is one of the routine tasks to clean and maintain your bifolding doors.

Looking after your door gaskets.

The gaskets on your bifolding doors already have silicone and lubricant in their composition.  A damp cloth is all you need to clean these, as often as needed.

Cleaning the bifolding door track.

The type of cleaning for the bifolding door track depends on the type fitted to your doors.  As standard, our Alufold Warmcore Doors come with a standard threshold as do our Origin and Schuco products.  These come with a channel system.  Cleaning of these types of thresholds requires a vacuum cleaner thin nozzle to suck away any dirt within the track.

The low threshold option does not have a channel design and simply needs a wipe clean.

Checking the bifolding door hardware.

Your bifolding door handles and hinges are maintenance free products. As a result, there is little you need to do.  Over time it is natural to notice the handles coming loose.  If you do see something that is not right, contact us first for advice.

It only takes a moment to glance over your bifolding doors handles. We especially recommend a routine check if your door is the only back door out to your garden and therefore used regularly.

Periodic lubrication with a silicone spray on the wheels and the track, once or twice a year will ensure these continue to run smoothly.