At Aluhaus, we have revolutionised the way you can buy home improvement products with a new and highly innovative service.  We have created a new way of buying bifolding doors to give you some real advantages over other home improvement firms.

Bi-folding contemporary doors

How to buy bifolding doors and windows.

At Aluhaus, we give you the opportunity to know not only who is behind your new bifolding doors and windows but also make the whole purchasing process simpler. With our revolutionary way of improving your home you benefit from:

  • Faster Delivery and installation.
  • Better prices
  • Seamless communication
  • Peace of mind for you.
  • A managed sales process and installation.

We believe you should know who is behind your new bifolding doors, entrance doors and aluminium windows.  We also believe you are entitled to be more in control.

The Traditional Way

As a customer, you find the system or design that you want to use.  You then have to find a local reseller or installer and negotiate a price with them.  Often wading through a variety of “sales incentives” or bundles to encourage you to place an order.

In this scenario, you often don’t really know who’s actually going to make your doors or windows.  You place an order with a company that then orders them from a fabricator.  Meanwhile, buried somewhere in the price is the fee for a survey.  The survey is vital as your products will be made to these measurements and take into account any installation requirements specific to your property.

Once your doors are made they are delivered to your installers, who will then deliver them to your home along with a fitting team.  More often than not, the fitters will be subcontractors.

And this is how home improvement products have been made and supplied for years.

Ordering Bifolding Doors the Aluhaus way

You contact Aluhaus directly and discuss your requirements with an expert.

We provide you with an indicative quote showing our price for your chosen product.  We will also provide you with indicative prices for using one of our highly trained Alu-Partner installation teams.  No gimmicks and no false discounts.

If you decide for the supply only option,  you will be responsible for arranging a survey and a fitting team. Your doors will arrive at the agreed time for your fitters to install.

If you opt for the Alu-Partner package we will arrange for the survey and once your doors are ready we will liaise with our Alu-Partner to agree on an installation date.  We will support you all the way, but your contract for fitting is with our Alu-Partner, giving you a transparent and seamless service with no hidden markups.

Alufold doors fitted by Alu-Partners enjoy our industry-leading guarantee. And you benefit from dealing direct with the manufacturer of your doors.

A better way for you to improve and add value to your home.

Where other manufacturers have no interest in dealing directly with your home improvement project, we actively want to.  We believe communication with who makes your new doors, a substantial investment in your home, is vitally important. With Aluahus, you know exactly who makes, surveys and fits your new bifolding doors. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not avoid dealing with you, the homeowner.  In fact, we actively want to be involved giving you the very best communication, service, quality and guarantee.

If you are looking for new bifolding doors, entrance doors, residential doors or aluminium windows, contact us today.