As manufacturers of bifolding doors, aluminium windows and aluminium front doors, we share some information about aluminium sliding doors and how they can work in your home. Aluminium sliding doors can now offer all the benefits found in modern home improvement products such as excellent security, an attractive appearance and slim sight lines.

Warmcore sliding door

Aluminium sliding doors for the home.

Modern aluminium sliding patio doors have advanced significantly from the first and second generation of patio doors found in many homes.  Early sliding doors are typically white, silver or brown, come with dated door handles and basic locking systems.  These older doors tend to be fitted with hardwood subframes or directly to the structure.

There are several areas where sliding doors are now entirely different from early generations of patio doors and improved.

Improved Energy Efficiency.

Today’s modern sliding doors are very energy efficient with some doors having U-Values as good as PVCu and aluminium windows.  The thermal efficiency in modern sliding doors is down to thermally broken profiles.  Thermally broken profiles provide better insulation with the aluminium profiles such as polyurethane, polyamide and even foam inserts.  The Warmcore sliding patio doors go one better with a full thermal core that gives these latest generation sliding doors thermal performance that exceeds many other sliding doors.

Therefore, sliding doors in aluminium are very energy efficient, keeping your home comfortable and helping you reduce your energy bills.  It is important to remember that the double glazed unit is also better than early glass units. It is common in sliding door glass to have a specification comprising of toughened or laminated safety glass, a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.

Sliding doors can meet or exceed the U-Values of current Building Regulations as well.

Multiple moving panels.

Doors are available with a single track, double track and triple track arrangement.  The option of multiple tracks and a bigger range of sliding panels means each door panel can push left and right as well as three panels stacking together.  Compared to older patio doors, you get more of a clear opening with a wider choice of tracks.

Improved appearance.

The appearance of modern sliding door systems has also improved by some margin.  The sight line is now widely discussed in marketing literature and websites for sliding doors as products are slimmer than early sliding doors.  It is possible to have a sight line, where the sliding panels meet, starting at 17mm with some structurally glazed doors.  Standard sliding doors are thinner, stronger and more reliable.

More flexible sizes.

There is no reason why sliding doors cannot fill the aperture intended for bifolding doors or French doors. The range of sizes with modern sliding doors means large or small door openings can be accommodated.  If you are considering a new bi folding door, it is worth comparing a bifold to a sliding door.  While bifold doors will open up your home to the outside completely, sliding doors have less visible mullions in the closed position meaning you get bigger glass sizes and better views.

Some of the very high-end doors can have a maximum panel size of over nine square metres.  For more standard door openings, our Warmcore sliding door will comfortably go up to 2.5 metres high.

Greater choice of colours.

While powder coated sliding doors are not a new thing, the range of colours available is far higher than before.  You can also have sliding doors that are different RAL colours inside and out. Gone are the days when coloured sliding doors were only available in two or three powder coated colours.

Excellent weather performance.

The weather rating on sliding doors has improved substantially in recent years with many products tested to quite severe ratings in testing.  This means new sliding doors are great for homes in the country and with little shelter from other buildings.  Aluminium sliding doors are also ideal as a higher level door to a first or second-floor bedroom.

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