As well as our advanced range of bifolding doors, at Aluhaus, we offer the ultra-premium range of Schuco sliding doors.  Choose our superior Schuco sliding doors and benefit from one of the best designed and engineered patio sliding doors on the market. Perfect for your patio, a balcony or even as an internal room divider.  As home improvement professionals, we provide an insight into Schuco doors and why you might consider them for your home improvement project.

Schuco sliding patio doors

Schuco Lift and Slide Doors ASS70 HI

Schuco sliding doors come in the most popular model number of ASS70 HI.  For those looking to fit a top-end sliding door in their home, this is one of the most popular sliding doors.  Architects, designers, discerning homeowners and property professionals choose Schuco ASS70 sliding doors. ASS denotes Aluminium Sliding Systems.

70 relates to the overall frame depth, 70mm.  This depth makes Schuco sliding doors a great choice not only for a newly built aperture but also to replace old doors.  With many early generation doors having a 70mm or 75mm frame depth. As a result, internal plaster and decoration require less making good.

Finally, the HI means High Insulation.  Every Schuco door features insulated aluminium sections, creating a thermal barrier between the inside and outside face of the aluminium.

Combine the premium-grade aluminium sections of a Schuco door with high specification glass units.  Consequently, you get one of the most thermally efficient doors on the market.

Therefore, Schuco sliding doors meet virtually any property requirement from a simple sliding door to a sophisticated sliding glass wall.

Inline vs Lift and Slide. What does it mean?

As you do your research around sliding patio doors, you will invariably come across the terms inline or lift and slide. An inline door works just like a traditional sliding patio door.  The door panels sit within the frame with the rollers fixed to the underside of every sliding panel. Just push or pull the door to your desired position.  With an inline Schuco sliding door, the door handle is fixed and only used as a door push/pull.

Schuco Lift and slide doors work somewhat differently. The sliding door panels feature more complicated gearing as well as a door handle primarily used to control the door.  Rotate the handle with the doors in the closed position and watch the door panel lift off the frame.  The door is ready to slide to the desired position.   Even better, if you partially open the door and rotate the handle in the opposite direction the door drops back down. Even better is the door then locks in this partially open position.  An ideal solution if you want to open the door and ensure some security from anyone trying to slide the door open.

All Schuco sliding doors are easy to operate regardless of size.  Lift and slide doors make even the biggest doors seem effortless to slide.

Whatever arrangement you choose, Schuco sliding doors come in two, three, four or six panels in both inline and lift and slide version.


Features and benefits of Schuco patio sliding doors.

Choose any Schuco sliding door and benefit from some features making these doors altogether different from other brands on the market.

A choice of slim or standard interlock.

Another term you may come across researching sliding doors is Interlock.  Interlock relates to the vertical mullions where the sliding panels meet in the closed position.  Two-panel doors have one central interlock.  Three-panel doors have two, four panels doors have three interlocks.  The slimmer the interlock, the less visible aluminium.  The less aluminium means bigger glass and better views.

Subject to the door size, Schuco sliding doors offer a choice of a slim 48mm interlock or a deeper and thicker 108mm interlock.  Remember it is the door size determining whether you can have a slim interlock.

Extensive door sizes.

Sliding patio doors are very popular today with many great features.  Despite the desirability of bifolding doors sliding doors give you bigger glass sizes. With Schuco bifolding doors they go bigger still.  A well-known benefit in having a Schuco ASS70 is the large sliding panel sizes.  For very modern extensions, you can choose doors up to 9 square metres.  That is, 3 metres high and 3 metres wide per sliding panel. Consider that many standard patio doors only go as wide as 2.1 metres wide and 2.5 metres high.  Few doors on the market therefore allow you to create the ultimate sliding glass wall.

Multiple Sliding Panels.

While bifolding doors open up the entire opening, you will always lose some of the opening with a sliding door.  Unless your sliding doors disappear into the wall of a new extension, every panel needs a place to slide to.

Just like other advanced sliding doors, Schuco comes with single, double or triple tracks.  The more tracks, the more flexibility with your door panels, letting you slide them to the left or the right.  Therefore with a three-panel door, there is no reason not to have a clear two-thirds opening. Talk to us today, and we can advise you further on what will work best in your home.

Finally, Schuco sliding doors offer you even more impressive features.  These include:

  • A choice of standard more flush door threshold and lower step-over.
  • Choose from flat modern or more rounded sliding door profiles.
  • The ultimate sliding door comes with automatic operation with a hidden door operator. Great for new extensions.
  • Extensive choice of colours including metallic anodised and dual colours.

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The Schuco sliding door is just part of our comprehensive range of quality doors and windows for your home.  Contact us today or visit our Beeston Showroom to view our windows, front doors, bifolding doors and sliding doors.