At Aluhaus we are not bound by convention or restrictions. This is why we have engineered our innovative Alufold Warmcore bifolding door to have a mitred outer frame. A mitred outer frame makes our bifolding door entirely different from other aluminium systems.

Contemporary bi-folding doors

On virtually every other bifolding door it is common to see a mitred door leaf with a square outer frame. Some will say that a square outer frame is necessary because many bifolding door products come with an adjustable frame jamb or for transporting large folding doors that often have the outer frame in kit form.

Alufold Warmcore. A shift from conventional manufacturing.

Only an Alufold Warmcore door features a mitred outer frame for a seamless and altogether better looking bifolding door.

An Alufold Warmcore door moves away from the traditional non-mitred outer frame found on other bifolding doors. At the same time, our doors remain easy for installers to fit with no compromises.

We use our aluminium know how and the intelligent design of an Alufold Warmcore door to create a unique aesthetic and an altogether better one. The mitred outer frame of our quality bifolding door creates a uniform finish.

We think that two mitres together are far better than a mitred door leaf meeting a square cut outer frame.

The advantages of a quality mitre joint.

A mitre joint represents the finest in craftsmanship going back to traditional joinery techniques and the most beautiful timber windows. For aluminium doors, mitred joints remain a hand assembled method. With an Alufold Warmcore door, we use sophisticated Fusion GRAF welding to create a near seamless joint that is smoother, crisper and better than a convention mechanical joint.

We have therefore adopted this superior and aesthetically pleasing mitre joint to the outer frame of our doors as well.

The result is a fully mitred outer frame throughout the door. You may not think a mitred corner is important. However, consider the bigger quantity of door leaves found in a folding door set compared to a single door or a set of French Doors. Folding doors present the eye with lots of corners and lots of joints. These need to look right.

Alufold Warmcore Bifolding Doors. Aesthetically better.

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Our Alufold aluminium bifolding doors have a far better looking and superior appearance cosmetically. For the end user, a mitred outer frame also enables a door to be fitted with matching cloaking trims to the door perimeter to create a professional looking installation where the door meets the structure.

Another reason why an Alufold Warmcore door is better and provides a feature not found on even the best known German bifolding door systems. Contact us to view our stunning bifolding doors and to find out more.