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Quality aluminium window

6 Unique features of Aluframe Warmcore aluminium windows.

24 February 2017

Aluframe Warmcore aluminium windows are one of the most advanced thermally insulated windows you can buy today...

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Contemporary bi-folding doors

Mitred outer frame – Reason #5 to choose an Alufold Door

10 February 2017

At Aluhaus we are not bound by convention or restrictions. This is why we have engineered our innovative...

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Contemporary bi-folding doors

Colour matched seals – Reason to choose Aluhaus #4

23 January 2017

Study even the most prestigious aluminium bifolding doors and few will offer you colour matched seals and gaskets...

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Aludoor entrance door

Fusion GRAF Welding – Reason #3 to choose Alufold

16 January 2017

At Aluhaus we have taken bifolding door fabrication to the next level with something no other

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Bi-folding doors

An Explanation of opening options for bifolding doors

14 January 2017

An Alufold Warmcore bifolding door provides your home with a superior quality bifolding door, crafted and engineered like no other...

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Warmcore aluminium windows

Why Warmcore Aluminium Windows are the Warmest

13 January 2017

At Aluhaus we manufacture the advanced Warmcore aluminium windows to provide your home with the latest generation aluminium system...

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Aluhaus factory

Reason #2 to choose an Aluhaus Bifold – In House Manufacturing

9 December 2016

There are many installers and suppliers of bifold doors up and down the country, but here at Aluhaus...

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Warmcore Bi-fold doors

Reasons to buy an Aluhaus Alufold Door #1 – SafeTrack

8 December 2016

Choosing a bifold door can be a bit of a minefield for anyone looking to improve their home...

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Who are Aluhaus?

Aluhaus are a quality manufacturer of Aluminium products based at our manufacturing factory in Nottingham. We've taken the Synseal Warmore range and added a range of improvements

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