Our Alufold Bifolding door has a weather rated low threshold.  Alufold is unique amongst bifolding doors in offering weather protection with a level threshold. As you do your research around bifolding doors, you will see many different bifolding doors offer a low or flat threshold. However, dig a little deeper, and you will find that these thresholds available with other bifolds come with compromises.

Warmcore aluminium bifolds

Bifolding doors with a weather rated low threshold.

Alufold doors with a weathered low threshold offer a seamless link and great weather protection in your home.

A low threshold is what creates the link between the inside and outside of your home. With a typical bifold door, there is a choice of a standard threshold with a rebate. The rebate on the bifolding door is essential. It acts as an upstand to prevent the ingress of water, air and wind. The rebate works to keep the door sealed and deflect any water that may get in back to the outside.

Where you want the weather protection but with a level floor, this is achieved by setting your door lower but still using a standard rebated threshold.

Where can you use a low threshold on a bifolding door?

The low threshold option on a bifold offers a flush or lower profile. With virtually every other bifold, the choice of a low threshold is marketed as being suitable for internal use only or without the standard product warranty.

The Alufold bifolding door provides you with a level threshold and a great weather rating. We have expertly designed our doors to give you the option of either a rebated or flush threshold. Both options are suitable for an external bifolding door.

The other great feature of our low threshold is that it offers easy ramp access. The Alufold weathered low threshold meets certain accessibility requirements under Document M of the current building regulations as well.

The weathered low threshold is another great reason to choose an Alufold bifolding door for your home. You get a level floor, a great transition to the outside and great protection from the weather outside.

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