An Alufold bifolding door is designed with the whole family in mind, which is why they come as standard with Soft Seal finger safe bifolding door gaskets. Soft Seal is designed to prevent injury should a hand or fingers get caught trapped between the doors.

Warmcore grey bifold

Soft Seal Finger Safe Bifolding Door Gaskets.

Every Alufold door comes with Soft Seal finger safe gaskets as standard.

Alufold bifolding doors are already installed in a vast number of family homes.  An Alufold bifolding door is designed for you and your family to make the most of your home and your new way of living. Soft Seal finger safe bifolding door gaskets give you peace of mind.

Few doors are designed like a bifolding door comprising two right up to eight or more folding panels that all meet together when closed. The finger safe gasket is a critical part of any well-designed bifolding door.  Why are finger safe bifolding door gaskets so important?

Alufold bifolding doors.  Safe for your whole family.

Your entire family can comfortably use the front door, side door or internal doors in your home.  Your new bifolding doors should be no different.

On a sunny day, a simple unlocking of the intermediate lever handles releases your Alufold doors, ready to effortlessly slide to their open and folded position. Once folded open and ready to enjoy, the SafeTrack feature, built in as standard keeps even the biggest doors perfectly aligned and in their place.

When it comes to closing your doors, the lead door is pulled away from the others and your doors are pulled to the other side.  You then use the quality pull handle to pull the doors towards the frame and then engaging the rotating the lever handle to lock the doors.  In the unlikely even that fingers may be trapped between the doors, the soft seal finger safe gaskets cushion the hands and minimise injury.

You may never ever need the Soft Seal feature standard in every Alufold door, but it is great to know that your new bifolding doors protect your family as well as been weather resistant, very secure and built to last.

The Soft Seal finger safe gasket design in our Alufold doors is yet another great feature that makes our doors different from many others on the market.

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