Our sliding patio doors frequently asked questions section helps you to learn more about sliding doors and how they can enhance your home.  As an experienced aluminium manufacturer, at Aluhaus, we help you find out more about sliding doors in the home and why you should consider them.

Sliding doors are once again very desirable products and as popular as our bifolidng doors.  A result of this popularity is a huge amount of product choice from a vast number of suppliers. Quality of sliding doors varies greatly, therefore, it is important you know where your doors come from and the pedigree behind them. Our sliding doors frequently asked questions provides some insight into these highly-engineered aluminium doors.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

How do I choose the right sliding door supplier?

The vast majority of the door industry buys its products in from trade manufacturers.  There is nothing wrong with this method of supply, however, there are advantages to buying directly from a manufacturer.  You are in direct contact with the people that make your doors, product support and availability is better, and prices are usually much cheaper with the obvious benefit of buying direct. At Aluhaus we manufacture our own products.

Dealing with a manufacturer is your guarantee of consistent quality and the peace of mind of knowing exactly who is behind the investment you are making in your home.

What is best? An inline or a lift-and-slide patio door?

No one door is better than the other, but it does depend on the functionality you want from your door.  The only advantage of a lift and slide door is that it can offer, on some products, partial ventilation.  However, an inline sliding door is usually cheaper and has demonstrated itself to be far more reliable in the longer term. This reliability comes as a result of having less moving parts.

What is best? A sliding door or a folding door?

The choice between a bifolding door or a sliding door depends upon your home and your requirements.  As a general guide, if you have a large garden, countryside views or just desire the best possible visual clarity out of your doors, sliding doors are better because they don’t have as much visible aluminium.

Bifolding doors are ideal if  you perhaps have a smaller space and want to connect the inside of your home to this space better.  Contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

Sliding doors will give you bigger glass panels, better views, better light transmission and is the ideal product for creating the desirable ‘glass wall’, so popular with modern extensions.

How many sliding door panels should my door have?

The bigger glass available with sliding doors enables bigger door panels than any bifolding or hinged doors.  Where many bifolding doors have to be configured in many panels, sliding doors can be made up to 2.2metres wide and up to 2.4 metres high. This gives you the choice of having two panels in larger openings, three or four.

The number of sliding panels is down to personal choice, but contact us and we can discuss the pros and cons of each panel number and overall patio door design. The number of door panels is also determined by the overall aperture the doors are going into or is being constructed.

How secure are patio sliding doors?

One of the great things about most aluminium doors is they are designed with security in mind. The strength of aluminium itself also plays a big part in the overall door security. Our Warmcore sliding doors feature a four-point locking system, robust door handles and toughened or laminated safety glass.  All doors are tested to ensure they meet the latest British or European standards for door security.

Is a low threshold available with patio doors?

Generally, there is no low threshold available with sliding doors like you can get with a bifolding door. However, our Warmcore sliding doors are unique in coming with the option of a standard or a low threshold.  So instead of having the extra cost of sinking your sliding doors down to achieve a lower threshold, our doors are available with a low threshold option making installation easier and less work for you or your builder.

Are patio sliding doors safe to use?

One of the drawbacks of sliding doors is that should they be misused, damage can occur.  If the door is closed with force or slammed shut, the sliding panel could ‘bounce’ back from the frame.  Warmcore aluminium sliding doors come with a unique Safety Brake Mechanism.  This exclusive feature uses a gas strut to soft close the door preventing it from being slammed.  Fit the Safety Brake Mechanism on both sides of the sliding panel and you benefit from an anti-finger trap safety feature as well; something you won’t find on other doors.

Can sliding doors match other windows and doors?

One of our sliding patio doors frequently asked questions is having doors and windows with a matching visual appearance. With the vast majority of other aluminium systems, it is not possible to get a matching aesthetic on your windows and your sliding doors.  Our Warmcore door is the exception.  Warmcore sliding doors are designed around the same flush sash arrangement as our Aluframe Aluminium Windows.  

How thermally efficient are sliding patio doors?

The biggest component in any door is the glass.  As standard, our doors come with toughened safety glass, with a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. However, the Warmcore thermal core offers even better thermal performance when used with our high specification glazing.  Warmcore sliding and folding doors are up to 25% more thermally efficient than other sliding doors using standard 28mm double glazing.  U-Values of 1.4Wm2K are possible making Warmcore sliding doors better than the leading brands.

What colours are available on sliding doors?

Aluminium sliding doors, just like other aluminium doors and windows enjoy the advantages of polyester powder coating, giving you the choice of over 150 different colours including a different colour inside and out.

The advantage of the Warmcore inline sliding patio door is that the aluminium profiles are assembled entirely differently from conventional aluminium door profiles.  Dual colours are cheaper and on faster lead times than other doors on the market. Better still, where other sliding doors come with a standard grade powder coating, ours come with an enhanced marine-grade powder coated finish.

Are patio doors suitable for exposed locations?

All our doors are tested to the latest standards for air, water and wind and are suitable for any houses in exposed locations or subject to driving wind and rain.