If you are thinking about a new home extension and are thinking about a glass roof, we explain the benefits of our modern lantern with this Stratus roof lantern review. We believe the Stratus roof to be one of the most beautiful products on the market for your home, new extension and for modern living.

At Aluhaus we provide the latest generation aluminium products such as the Warmcore system with its advanced insulation and cutting-edge design.

Stratus Lantern Roof

Stratus Roof Lantern Review.

The Stratus lantern roof is an aluminium slimline contemporary roof lantern designed to be discreet, stylish and ideal for today’s modern kitchen extensions and living spaces.

Just like our range of bifolding doors, sliding doors and aluminium windows, Stratus lantern roofs feature high insulation within the roof bars and frame. The insulation in the Stratus lantern roof works with the top specification glass, ensuring exception thermal performance.

The advanced Stratus roof is a full thermally broken system with powder coated aluminium external castings, roof bars and cappings.

The best features of the Stratus Lantern Roof.

At Aluhaus we know you have a lot of choice in quality aluminium products.  The Stratus lantern roof is one of the premium aluminium lantern roofs on the market. In this Stratus roof lantern roof review, we explain some of its stand-out features.

Extensive Colour choices.

Stratus lantern roofs come in any of 150 RAL colours to match your home and interior colour scheme. There are also three standard colours.

  • Clean and classic white inside and out.
  • Contemporary grey outside and out
  • Grey outside and white inside.

A big choice of roof glass.

Another benefit of the Stratus aluminium lantern is ten different choices for the glass. The glass is the primary component of any lantern roof so it makes sense to ensure the options meet your requirements for solar control, energy efficiency as well as easy-clean properties. All our glass is 24mm thick available as:

  • Clear
  • Low ‘E’
  • Low ‘E’ Bronze
  • Low Maintenance Aqua Tint
  • Low Maintenance Blue Tint
  • Celsius One Blue Tint
  • Celsius Elite Blue Tint
  • Celsius Clear Neutral Tint
  • Bio-Clean Blue

The exterior and interior powder coated finish is hard-wearing, easy to clean and adds to the modern appearance.

Contemporary Roof Pitch.

We fix the roof pitch at  20˚allowing the lantern to use discreet external and internal aluminium cappings and profiles.  The other benefit of a contemporary roof pitch is no ugly gaps at the ends of the roof rafters.

Stratus Roof design options.

This modern aluminium lantern roof is also flexible in its design and comes in a two-way, three-way or contemporary design.

At Aluhaus, we cater for current trends in architectural glazing and home design. The Stratus roof allows you to maximise the light and space coming into your home, thanks to the flexible sizes available.

  • Maximum Sizes for Contemporary Roof, 3 metres long and 1.5 metres wide.
  • Maximum Sizes for 2-Way Lantern Roof, 6 metres long and 1.5 metres wide.
  • Maximum Size for 3-Way Lantern Roof,  6 metres long and an impressive 3 metres wide.

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