Warmcore sliding doors are one of the newest products to hit the new market in modern aluminium patio doors.  The sliding door market is hugely popular with sliding doors being as desirable today as bifolding doors.  Warmcore sliding doors give you all the advantages of a latest-generation sliding door with added features.

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Information about Warmcore sliding doors.

If you are thinking about having new patio sliding doors in your home or for your new extension, we answer some of your questions as well as explaining where Warmcore patio doors differ from other doors on the market.

What are Warmcore sliding doors?

The Warmcore sliding door is the latest addition to the established range of Warmcore bifolding doors, entrance doors and windows.  At Aluhaus we are unique in taking the already excellent Warmcore bifold and extensively re-engineering it to make it even better.

Warmcore sliding doors enjoy the same unique thermal core of other Warmcore products making them incredibly thermally efficient, compared to other sliding doors that rely on costly enhanced glazing to meet the U-Values the Warmcore system achieves with standard units.

Where can I have a Warmcore sliding door?

This new patio door is ideal for replacing dated wooden, PVCu or aluminium patio doors in a hardwood subframe.  Warmcore patio doors provide all the familiar features with thermal excellent, better security and at a very good price.

You can fit our door in a new or existing opening.

Why should I consider Warmcore sliding doors?

The Warmcore patio door places our suite of home improvement products in the relatively unique position of a one complete and coherent product solution for your home. You can now enjoy the same high specification and quality brand for windows, entrance doors, bifolding doors, lantern roofs and now sliding doors.  We can even provide aluminium front doors using the Warmcore system.

As well as one complete brand for your home, Warmcore patio doors have other advantages.

Smooth 10-wheel roller

We made operating even the biggest Warmcore doors easy.  As standard, you get a sophisticated set of door hardware with each sliding panel sliding on no less than ten self-levelling rollers.  The result is a precise, reliable and smooth sliding action to give you an ultra smooth, reliable performance.

Safety Brake.

The Safety Brake is an innovative feature designed to prevent accidental slamming of the doors and to provide peace of mind in preventing trapped fingers.

Low threshold.

Where many other doors do not come with a low threshold meaning they have to be sunk into the floor, Warmcore doors offer a low threshold.  Better still it is also thermally insulated like the frame.

What styles are available with Warmcore patio doors?

You can choose from two, three or four panels.  Two panel doors offer either the left or right-hand panel sliding.  Three panel doors offer the middle or end panels as sliding. Four panel doors have the two central doors sliding apart.

How big can I have a Warmcore sliding door?

2-Panel Doors.
Minimum width 1500mm
Maximum width 4000mm
Minimum Height 1750mm
Maximum Height 2400mm

3-Panel Doors. 
Minimum width 2238mm
Maximum width 6000mm
Minimum Height 1750mm
Maximum Height 2400mm

4-Panel Doors. 
Minimum width 2900mm
Maximum width 6000mm
Minimum Height 1750mm
Maximum Height 2400mm

How good are Warmcore U-Values?

The full-width thermal core found only in Warmcore sliding doors means double glazed doors achieve U-Values of 1.4Wm2K, exceeding what is required by Building Regulations.  Choose a triple glazed patio door and the U-Values are a very impressive 1.0Wm2K.

What are the handle colours available with Warmcore patio doors?

Choose from white, black or grey door furniture and door handles.

What is a Secured by Design Warmcore sliding door?

The Warmcore sliding door has been independently tested to meet the stringent requirements of Secured By Design (SBD), a security standard found in any premium and highly-engineered sliding patio door. If you want a door that meets the SBD specifications we offer a laminated glass upgrade.  Laminated glass, like a car windscreen, is designed to hold together in the event that it is broken.

Can I have a trickle vent with Warmcore patio sliding doors?

Yes. To meet the requirement for trickle ventilation in line with Building Regulations for new build openings, we provide a 25mm add-on to the head that accommodates the functional yet attractive trickle vent.  If you want to match the sight line at the head or for where frame extensions may be required on site, there is also a 25mm extender that can be fitted to the vertical parts of the frame.

How secure are Warmcore sliding doors?

Warmcore doors come with a bi-directional lock preventing the door from being prised off its frame and offering great security.  The lock is operated with a vertically operating handle that is durable and modern in appearance.

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