Warmcore aluminium is one of the latest innovations in thermally insulating the aluminium used in our range of windows and doors.  The Warmcore system found on our Alufold and Aluframe folding doors was designed from scratch with profiles, accessories and components rigorously tested. At Aluhaus, we have taken every single element and detail of our windows and doors and made it even better. What is Warmcore aluminium and how is it different?

Information about Warmcore Aluminium

What is Warmcore Aluminium?

As you research bifolding doors, you will see a universal message about just how good aluminium is for bifolding doors.  Aluminium has the slim lines with the strength you will not find on PVCu or timber windows and doors.  One of the limitations of early generation aluminium was that it was poorly insulated, cold to the touch and prone to sweating.  A resin thermal break was introduced into aluminium to create a barrier between the inside and outside face. The thermal performance of aluminium improved, however, it was still basic when used with standard double glazed units with just an air space in between.

Modern aluminium systems now use polyamide materials to insulate the profile and create a better thermal window.  Polyamide thermal breaks are good for profile insulation, Warmcore aluminium is even better. So what is Warmcore Aluminium?

Warmcore aluminium is the latest highly insulated aluminium.

Warmcore aluminium found in Alufold bifolding doors uses a full-width thermal core from highly insulated PVCu, with multiple chambers.  Where polyamide thermal breaks only occupy a small part of the aluminium section, Warmcore Aluminium has the majority of the aluminium section with insulation and a much better thermal break.

Warmcore aluminium offers a warmer feel to the window with the same strength and slim sight lines.  Even better than standard aluminium, Warmcore’s frame construction is what enables our doors and windows to provide U-values as low as 1.4 W/m2k without needing the triple glazing required on other types of aluminium windows and doors. You only need double glazing with Warmcore.  Warmcore outperforms the latest polyamide thermal breaks found on other types of windows and bifolding doors.

The Benefits of Warmcore Aluminium.

  • 25% more thermally efficient.
  • Enables a choice of profile design found in traditional joinery for classic looking doors and windows.
  • Huge colour choice
  • Flush casement aluminium windows, few others can offer.
  • Does not need costly or heavy triple glazing.
  • The latest generation aluminium window in your home.
  • Lower energy bills.

Warmcore aluminium offers you all the benefits of a traditional or a contemporary aluminium window, but with features and specifications, other aluminium cannot provide.  Our Alufold bifolding doors take the already excellent Warmcore concept and go even further with cutting-edge design, unique specifications and bifolding door features.

Contact us today to see one of our Warmcore Alufold bifolding doors or Aluframe aluminium windows and find out more about why Warmcore is different and better than traditional aluminium.