At Aluhaus we expertly craft what we believe to be the finest aluminium bifolding door in the UK. Our Alufold bifolding door is based on the ground-breaking and highly advanced Warmcore aluminium system.

Bi-folding Doors

At Aluhaus, we have taken what we considered to be one of the finest aluminium bifolding door systems in the UK and made it even better.

What are Warmcore bifolding doors?

The Warmcore system is one of the most advanced aluminium innovations of the last 20 years. Warmcore has taken the traditional method of making previous cold aluminium doors warmer and revolutionised it. Gone is the polyamide thermal break other doors use.

Alufold Warmcore bifolding doors have the first warm aluminium at the heart of the door creating a highly insulated door with class leading thermal performance.

The Warmcore aluminium system was completely designed from scratch with every element, feature and component re-thought to provide a fantastic aluminium bifold. Following extensive prototypes, demanding testing and extensive trials, Warmcore came into the UK market and has transformed how people look at aluminium doors. At Aluhaus we went several stages further.

Why the Alufold Warmcore door is better than other bifolding doors.

We have re-engineered the key features of any bifolding door to create Alufold. A very advanced aluminium bifolding door.

The bifolding door is now widely established in the UK and very popular. There are over 50 different types of bifolding doors available on the market. Broadly speaking they all offer the similar specifications and methods of construction. Differences in today’s bifolding doors primarily centre around handle choices, quality of the running gear and colours. Service is, of course, important as well.

At Aluhaus we took everything that makes bifolding doors great and brought it into one system. We have worked with leading component manufacturers, paint finishers and other specialist manufacturers to re-engineer our doors.

The result is the Alufold Warmcore bifolding door. A product with the best hardware, the finest quality paint finishing, the most advanced manufacturing methods and sophisticated enhancements over and above the standard Warmcore door.

In re-engineering Warmcore to create Alufold, we have also resolved many of the niggles and operational issues found on even the most expensive doors on the market.

Alufold Warmcore. A bifolding door packed with features and innovations. We believe Alufold differs from every other quality bifolding door on the market. Here are just a few of the enhancements we have made.

Premium security as standard.

Other bifolding doors claim to have Secured by Design or PAS 24 but look deeper, and you will see costly upgrades to locking systems, door configurations and cylinders will be required.

Alufold bifolding doors provide this valuable peace of mind security as standard.

An advanced welded bifolding door for superior strength with beauty

Other bifolding doors are mechanically joined with cleats, screws and corner blocks. Even the most expensive aluminium bifolds on the market have this corner assembly method. Joints also have glue or sealant in between.

Alufold is different. Our doors are Fusion Graf Welded. Alufold Warmcore folding doors are made using the last in welding technology to create a near-seamless flush finish. Our corners are clean and always consistent on every door panel. We know of no other aluminium bifold made this way.

A mitred outer frame.

Most bifolding doors feature a mitred door leaf, but we also mitre our outer frames. Other doors have an irregular square detail to the frame and a mitre to the door.

Our doors give you the same crafted mitred finish throughout your bifolding door. Compare our doors to others, and we are sure you will agree that a mitre meeting a mitre looks far better than a mitre finding a square joint.

Colour matched gaskets and seals.

We have worked with the best known manufacturer and designer of gaskets and seals for the door and window industry, to create a range of colour-matched seals that are exclusive to our doors.

Even the most expensive German system cannot provide you with colour matched Q-Lon giving you black borders and shadow lines. Our doors do not use rubber gaskets. Even other aluminium systems offering colour matching give you a similar colour not the same colour.

A unique bifold with only one gasket between the panels.

Best of all, we have re-designed Alufold to reduce the visible sight line between the door leaves by 9mm, using only one gasket. Most other door systems rely on two.

In re-designing this critical area of a bifolding door, we have made it slimmer than the standard Warmcore while retaining the all important anti-finger trap feature found in every quality bifold.

Warmcore is the first aluminium door to give you a real colour matched door and to protect your fingers at the same time. Check it for yourselves.  No other door has only a single gasket with no loss of weather, air or wind resistance too.

A low threshold with a weather rating.

Most bifolding doors offer a flat threshold but do your research, and the small print will say low thresholds can only be provided to doors fitted inside the home. Typically there will be no weathering warranty offered as well.

Alufold doors are different. We offer a weather rated low threshold as well as a “Part M’ threshold to meet the legal requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act or Equality Act. And your bifolding door threshold will still be weather resistant.

The finest quality door handles for a bifolding door.

We all associate certain consumer brands as being the most luxurious or best, whether a German car, a sophisticated kitchen appliance or a luxury item of clothing. The same applies to door handles.

Our Alufold Warmcore bifolding doors come with what is regarded by the entire door industry as one of the finest handles available for bifolding doors. Alufold door handles are functional, beautiful, fantastic to use and feature the finest metals. Above all they are secure. Finally, unlike other handles, all the external components come in the same colour.

Alufold Warmcore Bifolding doors are the best bifolding door.

These are just a few of the key features that make the Alufold bifolding door completely different to other aluminium doors on the market. Don’t just take our word for it. A bifolding door is a major investment, and we know the quality conscious customer likes to do their research.

Compare Alufold to other leading systems, and you will quickly see how our doors offer you features, benefits and innovations that only the best engineered and carefully thought out bifolding door can provide.

We know most other bifolding doors on the market often come with a compromise. Alufold bifolding doors bring you the very latest design, manufacturing methods, security, colour choices and aesthetics within one superb product.

Aluhaus are expert aluminium engineers, designers and manufacturers, providing latest generation doors and windows for your home. Contact us today to find out more.