At Aluhaus we manufacture the advanced Warmcore aluminium windows to provide your home with the latest generation aluminium system.

Warmcore aluminium windows

If you are considering new windows for your home our Aluframe range of aluminium windows is one of the most sophisticated and technically superior aluminium systems on the market. Our aluminium range is based on the Warmcore system that we have re-engineered and enhanced to make it something special.

What is a thermally broken window?

Modern aluminium windows are all thermally broken. Warmcore takes aluminium window insulated to exceptional levels.

Warmcore is the very latest aluminium door and window system that takes the traditional concept of insulating aluminium profiles and completely changes it.

Early generation aluminium windows comprised solid frames, no insulation, basic double glass with an airspace and simple locking handles. For the home, a first generation aluminium window had many compromises.

  • It often needed a high maintenance hardwood subframe.
  • It was prone to sweating and condensation.
  • It was only available in silver or white.
  • The locking handles were basic with little security.

It was these compromises with early aluminium windows that made PVCu windows the preferred material for over 30 years. This is no longer the case with Warmcore.

To insulate aluminium windows, the window industry developed the resin or ‘pour and cut’ thermal break. This was a liquid resin that hardened to create a thermal barrier between the inside and outside profiles and bringing homeowners the first thermally broken aluminium window. A vast improvement on the original solid version but still not very energy efficient.

Today’s modern thermally broken windows feature a different material called polyamide. The advantage of polyamide is that it has created the best type of insulation for aluminium windows. What polyamide has also done is given aluminium windows the facility to have a different colour inside and out far simpler than ever before.

Look around at most modern aluminium windows, and you will see all of them feature a polyamide thermal barrier. Warmcore is completely different.

What is Warmcore?

Warmcore is unique, individual and provides the finest aluminium windows and doors for your home.

Warmcore has revolutionised how aluminium windows and doors are thermally insulated. The Warmcore system has been designed completely from scratch with a focused design brief. To give homeowners beautiful, functional, durable and highly energy efficient doors. Warmcore features the next generation of thermal break, providing the first ‘warm’ aluminium system that does not rely on rolling, resins or polyamide thermal barriers.

Warmcore uses a thermal core at the heart of your new windows and doors that substantially out-performs tradition methods of insulating aluminium windows. An Aluhaus folding door, window or residential door is the warmest aluminium section on the market. In fact, Warmcore is over 25% more thermally efficient than conventional aluminium systems.

Our bifolding door as one example achieves the best thermal performance in a bifolding door without complex and expensive glass in your doors, saving you money.

Warmcore Aluminium Windows from Aluhaus are strong, sleek, beautiful and energy efficient.

The Aluhaus Warmcore Aluminium system elevates bifolding doors, entrance doors and windows to the next level.

The well-known ‘trade-off’ between aesthetics and performance does not apply to Warmcore. Look at other windows and doors with low U-Values, and you often require thicker frames, expensive glass and a compromise on your choice of handles and colours.

With Aluhaus Warmcore Aluminium Windows your home can finally have windows and doors with superior energy saving properties that at the same time look beautiful, give you maximum security, many unique features and endless colour choice.

Contact us today to find out more the Aluhaus Aluframe windows and Alufold doors made from the innovative Warmcore system.