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Cortizo Aluminium Bifold Doors

Slim, Sleek & Light Frame Bifold Doors

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Just some of the exclusive Alufold Cortizo features.

The standard Cortizo bifolding is created with features not found on even the best known bifolding door brands.

  • U-values as low as 1.1W/m2K
  • Can achieve Door Set Energy Rating C
  • 28mm double glazing as standard
  • Stainless-steel tracks for ease of operation and stability
  • PAS24:2012
  • ISO 9001 certification
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Why Choose Alu Haus?

The Alufold Cortizo bifolding door takes the advanced Cortizo system and makes it even better to create what we believe to be the ultimate bifolding door.

At Alu Haus we have used our knowledge and aluminium experience to re-engineer and significantly enhance the already exceptional Cortizo bifolding door with a host of cosmetic, manufacturing and technological benefits that are unique to Alu Haus and Alufold.

"Alufold Cortizo brings you sophisticated design, cutting-edge manufacturing, excellent security and long-term performance."

Reasons to Choose Alufold Cortizo Bifold Doors

We’ve taken the best bifold door technology and improved it

Technological advances

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    10 Years Guarantee

    Built to stand the test of time and give you peace of mind

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    Wind Load

    A maximum wind load resistance upto 1200Pa.

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    Low U Values

    Aulfold Stellar bifolds have U Values as low as 1.1W/m2K

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    Air Permeability

    Superior air tightness with air permeability tested to 600Pa

Cosmetic advances

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    Brushed Steel Handles

    A choice of two brushed stainless steel effect finish handles

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    Low Threshold

    Provide the best access to all through our low threshold finishes

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    Flush Door Handles

    Bespoke designed handles maintain a clean aesthetic, not found on any other sliding door on the market

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    Slim Sightlines

    Stellar is at least 30% slimmer than the main competing systems.

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A captive pivot roller mechanism delivering a safer sliding operation

SafeTrack has been specially designed by Alu Haus to keep all bifolds in the opening or closing motion secure by having the top and bottom sliding mechanisms safely encaptured inside the running aluminium track. This eliminated derailing and track jump that can effect some bifolds.


Child friendly door seal “no finger traps” for added safety

Alu Haus have designed a bespoke weather seal for all of its bifolds that is not only RAL colour matched but is also made from memory foam called Qlon.  The benefit in using Qlon over traditional gasketery is that Qlon retains it shape for its lifetime keeping the performance of the weather seals as good as the day they were fitted.

Softseal has also been designed to be super child friendly to protect against any unnecessary accidents with little fingers or hands.


Delivers equal door leaf alignement on all doors when in the open position

Alu Haus recognised that when manufacturing large bifold doors, specifically widths in excess of one metre, that to eliminate the bifold doors from separating in the open position making the doors fold unevenly that a manufacturing solution was required to keep the doors perfectly aligned. Thus AntiRack was born.

Fusion GRAF Welding

Creates seamless sash joints when welding aluminium

Traditionally manufactured aluminium is made by mechanically jointing all mitred sections by using cleats and liquid adhesion between the joints. Because this is a hand manufactured operation precision joints and seamless finishes can become inconsistent. Alu Haus have invested in the latest fusion welding technology to manufacture all of its aluminium products with machinery where joints are fully welded to create precision corners with a near seamless finish on all corners consistently through automation.


Max 1250mm width door leafs delivering greater glass sightlines

In the retail race for homeowners to have expansive glass openings with unrestricted views, smaller width bifold door leafs can become unsightly when homeowners want modern, contemporary living.

Alu Haus designed UltraSash to facilitate maximum 1250mm width door leafs so that the homeowner can achieve unrestricted views in their modern contemporary design ambitions.

RAL Matching Hardware & Weather Seals

Seamless finish and matching colours for personalisation

All Alu Haus manufactured products have hardware and weather seals that have been specifically designed for them to create seamless a finish when fitted on all our products delivering visual harmony either inside or outside, to support the homeowners colour choice because of RAL matching.

Mitred Outer Frame

Seamless mitred finish on outer frame for better installation

Alu Haus manufacture all of its bifold doors with a fully mitred outer frame rather than conventional none mitred finish.  The advantages of doing this are twofold. Principally it is of a superior cosmetic appearance and from our installation partners the drive for a better installation finish has necessitated this design because all Alu Haus bifolds can have finishing installation trims fitted easily around the perimeter of the door without any obstructions that conventional Warmcore doors can suffer from.

Brushed Satin Steel Handles

A choice of two brushed stainless steel effect finish handles

Alu Haus are the only Warmcore manufacturer that offer both a one piece brushed satin steel effect handle, including the more modern contemporary design of a separate handle and escutcheon plate, again in brushed satin steel effect finish.

Your door. Your way.

Choose from our premium colours to fit your home

Choose from our various colour options by creating your solid or dual colour bifold door designs to suit your modern contemporary aspirations.

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  • Anthracite Grey

  • Pure White

  • Jet Black

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