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Stratus Aluminium Lantern Roofs

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Stratus Aluminium Lantern Roofs

Create the ultimate home extension or improve your home with our advanced, purpose designed Stratus lantern roofs.

If you are building a new kitchen-diner extension or enhancing your home elsewhere, our aluminium lantern roof is the ideal product to bring light and a contemporary appearance to your home.

Our innovative aluminium thermally broken lantern roof gives you a new multi-functional room that allows light to flood into your home from above as well as from your new Alufold bifolding doors, entrance doors or aluminium windows.

Stratus aluminium roof

Contemporary Stratus lantern roofs.

Stratus aluminium lantern roofs are one of the newest roof products to hit the UK market and is purpose designed and made in Britain.  This exceptional roof product meets the needs of modern home extensions or anywhere that needs an attractive, thermally efficient and durable glass and aluminium lantern.

Offered in a choice of styles, colours and glass specifications, it is the perfect complement to bifolding doors, sliding doors or modern aluminium windows in the home or a new extension.

As standard, our new Stratus lantern roofs come as white or grey exterior colours, with the choice of white or grey on the inside. Other colours are available on special order.

Features of our premium aluminium lantern roof.

At Alu Haus we custom design our lantern roofs in a choice of 2-way, 3-way or a minimalist design to meet your needs with sizes of up to 3 metres wide and 6 metres in length.

  • Up to 65% more thermally efficient than standard aluminium roof systems.
  • Aluminium exterior with discreet cappings for a clean, architectural look.
  • Roof ridge and pitch designed to give a cleaner look.
  • Premium glass units for maximum performance with comfort.
  • Clean and modern aesthetics.

The construction of the Stratus lantern roof provides longevity, reliability and performance. Its design features polyamide thermal breaks, giving efficient insulation to the aluminium roof bars and keeping U-Values low. Combined with our self-cleaning or high specification insulated units, you are assured of all-year-round comfort.

A low 20-degree roof pitch ensures a sleek and clean look with no unsightly gaps to conceal at the rafter ends. The contemporary design offers you the minimal amount of roof bars with the top of the roof supported entirely by the side rafters, giving you maximum glass sizes and the least amount of roof bars.

As you look at your new lantern roof from a bedroom or from above, you enjoy maximum glass area with a discreet shadow line to the edges.

Contact us today and let us design your dream home extension.

Our Stratus aluminium lantern roof is joined by the Warmcore family of cutting-edge aluminium bifolding doors, windows, entrance doors and sliding doors. If you have any questions about lantern roofs you can check our frequently asked questions section, or contact us today to find out more and to arrange a free quotation.

Frequently asked questions about lantern roofs.

A lantern roof comes in a variety of sizes and styles to meet most requirements.  They can add an architectural element to your home or new extension and offer the latest in long-term performance, style and energy efficiency.  If you have any questions about lantern roofs not covered in this article, please contact us.

Is a lantern roof the right choice?

A roof lantern can transform a room, letting light in from above.  It looks just as good from inside the room as it does from outside.  It is easy to fit a roof lantern and not too complicated for your builder to create the opening in the roof. Talk to us and we can discuss the options available.

Lantern roofs can work in any style of house but are especially desirable in new extensions with bifolding or sliding doors.  These slimline aluminium roofs also make a room look bigger. And when it comes to selling your home in the future, you’ll find a lantern roof a hit with prospective buyers.

Lantern roofs will also help you make the most of the available natural light even in the winter months. A lantern roof provides several times more light than windows.

What is the most suitable roof for a new extension?

Is a lantern roof suitable for either a pitched or flat roof?
Yes. There is no reason why a lantern roof cannot be installed in either a pitched or flat roof. There are even flat rooflights and for the ground floor, walk-on glass rooflights.

Is a flat rooflight better than a roof lantern?

The choice between a flat rooflight or a rooflight depends on your choice and the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Lantern roofs have the benefit of having a pitch and visible from afar. Flat rooflights are more ‘frameless’ in appearance. Talk to us to discuss your requirements.

How big should my lantern roof be?

Your size of roof lantern depends on the overall size of the room and the effect you are trying to achieve.  The good news is that even a small lantern roof lets in a lot of light.

Whether you have a flat or pitched roof can also affect the size of the roof lantern. Cost is also a factor. The bigger the roof, the more materials, the longer the installation and the greater amount of glass. Finally, there may be Building Regulation considerations with a very large roof lantern.

Our latest Stratus lantern roof can span up to 6 metres in length and 3 metres on the width, making it ideal for most room sizes and property types.

How is a lantern roof made?

An aluminium lantern roof consists of the roof bars and the external cappings.  There are also ridge or eaves components as well as gutters where required. Typically, an aluminium lantern roof consists of glazing bars, ridge and eaves pieces and other components. A variety of screws, brackets, bolts and cleats hold your roof together.  All these components are purpose designed for the roof.

The roof comes to your home either fully made or in kit form, depending upon the size.  It is always unglazed with the glass fitted after the main roof frame is in place.

Can I have any colour lantern roof?

Aluminium lantern roofs enjoy all the benefits of polyester powder coating, giving you a big choice of colour.  As standard our roofs come in grey and white or in grey/white inside and out. But you can choose from the full 150 RAL colour range on special order.

To understand the cost of colour for your roof, many products come in white, grey or black as a stock colour.  Any other colour will usually have a surcharge.

What should I look out when choosing a lantern roof?

There are a few important things to consider with any lantern roof.

Aesthetics are very important and the roof should look as good from the inside as it does from the outside. Internally is more important as this is what you will look at the most. Look at the sight lines of the glazing bars and how they look overall.

Your lantern roof should ideally have a slim ridge to keep the sight lines slim and the overall bulk of the roof down.

It’s very important that your chosen installer has the right expertise in fitting and glazing lantern roofs.  These are far more exposed to the weather than windows and doors.

Ensure your roof installer and your builder work together.  Communication and team-work will ensure you get the best installation with little trouble.

How easy is it to fit a lantern roof?

The fitting of a lantern roof is relatively straightforward assuming the opening has been prepared correctly, with the lantern roof correctly measured to suit the aperture. This is not complicated for professional installers.

A correctly fitted and glazed roof is weather resistant, thermally efficient and will work well in your home for many years to come.

How easy is it to clean a lantern roof?

You should prepare to clean your roof and the glass periodically. The first reason is that the powder-coated aluminium, while maintenance-free will need some routine cleaning to keep the finish looking its best. Bird droppings and other contaminants that may fall on the roof should be cleaned off as quickly as possible.  A soft cloth/sponge and mild soapy solution should be sufficient.

For the glass, most customers choose a self-cleaning glass that helps the water pool rainwater and sweep it down away from the glass. There are also coatings that reduce the need for frequent cleaning.

Contact us for prices and further information on aluminium lantern roofs or rooflights.

Our frequently asked questions about lantern roofs cover most of the questions our customers ask us. Contact us or call us if you have any specific questions or would like a quotation.

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